How did you start dancing?

I've been dancing almost all my life, so I can't live without it. I have been professionally engaged in ballroom dancing for 13 years and really love this sport.

I also try myself in various sport programs and styles of dance, which helps me develop my body more.


I am a multiple winner of all-Ukrainian tournaments and a prize-winner of foreign competitions:

• candidate to master sports

• Finalist of the championship of Ukraine

• 1st place Vratislavia dance festival 2018

• 2nd place Budapest open 2018

• 3rd place Romania open 2016

Zumba and coaching?

I really like to instill in people with my training a love for dancing and sports, to teach them to coordinate their body while enjoying the process.

Zumba came into my life a long time ago when I tried different types of fitness. Now I can say that this is the perfect cardio + strength training for many girls who love to dance and want to keep fit!